Yoga and Pilates benefits

The first time that I tried yoga was kind of challenging because of the body movements that I was not used to. My experience with exercising comes from running on a treadmill to using machines and lifting dumbbells. Like most people they consider exercising as getting a gym membership and working out a few times a week. This works out for some people if they have the knowledge and discipline to do the workouts by themselves. However there are more people who have no idea what they are doing. They spend countless hours every week.
I was always curious about fat loss with yoga because I have read some good things online and I also got some recommendations from friends. They told me that they were doing some yoga and other exercises like Pilates. One of my friends told me about a work out called PiYo that is essentially yoga and Pilates mixed together to create a high intensity workout that has fluid movement. This Piyo workout dvd consists of movements rely on the body for resistance and creates flexibility and tones muscles when done consistently and effectively.
While yoga takes a while for the body to get used to, the movements are like any other because of the fluidity and seamless extensions. Pilates on the other hand consist of controlled body movements that create strength, balance and endurance by using breathing coordination and strong core to produce an overall intense workout.
It took me a few weeks to get used to the exercises and get comfortable with the movements but once my body adjusted I was able to do the movements effectively. Combined with the low calorie nutrition plan I was seeing results within 3 weeks. My body was getting toned and I was seeing some muscle definition. My 2 months results were nothing short of amazing; I was actually able to see definition in my midsection. I have struggled to lose weight around my waist area and tried anything and every type of exercise that I looked up online.  When i was tired of looking i searched what is Piyo workout? The one important point that I want to stress that really seemed to take my exercises over the edge is rest
Rest is vital and a very important point to keep in mind for any workout regiment to be effective. This allows the body to recover and build muscle while you relax. Muscles don’t grow when working out, the misconception is that your muscles get bigger as you workout. This is far from the truth, when you are exercising your body creates slight muscle tears, these muscle tears heal with rest and with the right nutrition which should consist of a large portion of protein. Protein is an essentially muscle building component that is required if you are in any workout regiment to lose fat and build muscle effectively.

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