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Aryan Brotherhood

The Aryan Brotherhood, AKA the Brand got its name from several Louie L’amour books about cowboys and how they would fight for a brand, hence the name The Brand, because they believe they are fighting for their “brand”, the white race.

The shamrock stands for the TRINITY, the three leaves stand for the Father, Son and Holy Ghost (this is why many member of the Aryan Brotherhood fallow a religion know as Christian Identity). The 666 stand for the beast and how man is the beast of this world and swastika stands for the power of the white race.

Sworn code of the AB:

I will stand by my brother.
My brother will come before all others.
My life is forfeit should I fail my brothers.
I will honor my brother in peace as in war.

The Aryan Brotherhood was formed in the California prison system in the late 1960’s.  The original member of the AB had to be part Irish; later it was open up to all white who could make the grade.

What was going on at this time in the prison system was that black and Latino inmates were forming gangs of their own, so groups of white inmate came together to form one of the most elite prison gangs in the world, The Brand, or as it is more commonly referred to, the Aryan Brotherhood.

Along with the Black Guerrilla Family (BGF), the Mexican Mafia (EME) and the Nuestra Familia (NF) the Brand (AB) have taken their place in the lexicon of prison life.


The members of the AB are required to read the following books The Art of War by Sun Tzu, The Prince by Machiavelli’s, and Beyond Good and Evil, The Will to Power by Nietzsche. Members must also exercise on regular bases to keep in shape. The must learn American sign language to commuacate with speaking and study the book Grays Anatomy books, so as to know where to stab enemies and inflict the most bodily harm possible.

The AB has a Blood In, Blood out mentality, which mean you spill blood to get in and if you leave they will spill yours.

The Brand Structure

The Commissions

The Shot caller





Enemies of the Brand

Black Guerrilla Family- a Black gang in the prison system

DC Black- a Black gang in the prison system

Nuestra Familia – A Latino gang from the northern part of California.


Allies of the Brand

Nazi Low-Rider (NLR)

Public Enemy Number One (PENI)

Dirty White Boys

Aryan Circle

Power Of All (POA) – A racist off shut of the Dead Man Incorporated gang.

Hammerskin Nation

Neo-Nazi Skinhead

Mexican Mafia (EME) - a Latino gang from the southern part of California.

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