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Public Enemy Number One or PenI as they are more commonly known. Formed by white youths active in the punk music subculture in Southern California in the mid-1980s, PENI started off as a street gang mostly punk rocker and a few skinheads. . PENI is the original hybrid gang, gave birth to the racist Hybrid-Skinhead gang subculture. Gangs like PENI are the future for the white power street gang movement.

PENI over the years has had many of its member go to prison; there they learned the racist philosophy of life. PENI then quickly turn from a Punk rock street ganginto a racist street and prison gang. Since the late 1990's, the group has grown considerably, particularly in Southern California, where it founded but has in recent spread into nearby states. 

PENI's increasing strength stems to a large degree from its ability to position itself as a white power criminal organization capable of operating both on the streets and in the prison yards as foot soldiers for older, more established white supremacist prison gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, AKA THE BRAND.

Heavily involved in the drug trade, PENI members have a strong history of violence, both in the prisons and on the streets. In addition to drug activity, PENI members have committed other violent crimes, including assault, murder and attempted murder. The group’s criminal nature, coupled with a white supremacist ideology and a subculture of violence, makes it a triple threat, both to Law Enforcement and to the public at large. Even people far removed from the worlds of narcotics and gangs may become victim to the PENI through white collar crimes ranging from fraud to counterfeiting to identity theft.

PENI has an elite squad of men known as the PDS or PENIDEATH SQUAD. The only way to become a member of PDS is to put in work for the group, everything from an assaults to murder.

One of the founding members of PENI and the PDS is a man known as Donald Reed Mazza, AKA Popeye. Popeye, who is still in charge of PENI and the PDS, is now a validated member of the Aryan Brotherhood. This has strengthened the pull that PENI has among younger skinheads. 

Female members of PENI are there mostly in support roles, helping family when members of the gang go to jail. They are also responsible for running drugs into the prisons and correspondence in and out of the prison system. 

Enemies of the PENI

Black Guerrilla Family- a Black gang in the prison system
Nuestra Familia – A Latino gang from the northern part of California.

Allies of PENI

Aryan Brotherhood (AB) 
Aryan Circle
Hammerskin Nation
Neo-Nazi Skinhead                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mexican Mafia (EME) - a Latino gang from the southern part of California.

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