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Skinhead Laces Code

Skinhead Laces Code


Black Laces

Used by neo-Nazi, SHARP's (Skinhead Against Racial Prejudice) and Trad Skins (Traditional). Black laces are wear by fresh cuts. These laces are used by new Skinheads because they are seen as neutral and for those who have not earned their White Laces yet.  



White Laces

Used by neo-Nazi skinhead,White laces show White Pride or White Power. SHARP , neo-Nazi and some Trad's use these laces to show that someone has earned the right to be called a Skinhead. 




Red Laces/Blood Laces 

Used by neo-Nazi skinheads to show that a Skinhead has drawn serious blood. I.E. an serious assault, attempted murder or murder. Some SHARP skinheads wear red laces to show their belief or allegiance to communism.

Yellow or Gold Laces

These are also used by skinhead to symbolize Anarchy, while other skinhead have used this color to signify an assault on a Law Enforcement Officer.


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