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Skinhead Language

Skinhead Language 


AB/Aryan Brotherhood- The Alpha and Omega of all white prison gangs.

Argo-A term used for getting in to a fight.


Aryan-A term use by racist to refer to the white race.

Beat Down- When someone or a group of people need to be attacked. 

Blood In, Blood Out- This is the process by which someone is accepted into the the gang, meaning they have to spill blood to get in and the only way tto get out is by death.

- A term referring to Nazi SS bolts.

Bootboy/Suedehead- Another name for Skinhead.

Boot Party- When a group of Skinheads commits a violent assault.                                             

Bonehead-A SHARPS term used for racist skinheads.                                                       

Braces- Another name for suspenders.   

Braces Down- Indicates ready for a fight.  

Braces Up- Indicates peace. 

Brand- A term used for the Aryan Brotherhood.             

Bro- Short for Brother.        

Brother-A term used to refer to another racist.

Brotherhood- A term racist used when referring to a group of men or to their group.

Chelsea/Renee/Feathercuts- A term skinhead girls use for their hair style.

Cliqued Up/Run With- Belonging to or running with a set or gang.

Colors/Patch- Tattoos and patches identifying a members affiliation to a group. 

Crew/Club-Another name for gang.             

Crop-The term skinhead use for short hair. 

Cutouts- A term used for a third party that moves monry, drugs, guns or other contraband for the gang.   

Docs/Boots-Another name for Doctor Marten boots.                                                            

DMDP/Doc Marten Dental Plan- Kicking a victim in the face with Dr. Marten boots.

Dry Snitching- A person the give information to Law Enforcement by accident. 

Fag Bashing- Refers to an attack on a homosexual.

Featherwood- A term for a female Peckerwood.                                                               

Fred Perry-A brand of polo shirt skinhead wear. 

Fresh Cut/Boot/Fish- Another name for a new skinhead.                                                            

Flights-The name Skinhead use for Military jackets.

Fringe-A term for a skinhead girls hair cut.

Hang around- A young person who is associated with a racist group but has yet to become a prospect.

Hardcore- A term used for a truly bad ass person.  

Hunting/Hunt- A term for a night out looking for someone to attack.  

In the Hat- When the name of a person thought to be a drop, a tap out or a race traitor is put on a list for retaliation. 

Keeping the Faith- A term used to remind ones friend to remain loyal to the movement.                            

Keys- Is a term for coltrol and Power over something

Kike- A derogatory term for a member of the Jewish faith.      

Kites- A note passed among prisoners.                                                  

KKK- Stand for the Ku Klux Klan and group inside the racist movement.

OI! - A skinhead way of saying, Hello or Goodbye. 

Lop/Lame/Punk-Refers to a person, that is of no uses. 

Making Your Bones-This his when you kill someone to get in to gang, an initiation rite.                                 

Mud Shark- A term skinhead use for a white female who dates non-whites/minorities.            

Nordic- A term use by racist to refer to the white race.

NLR- Nazi Low-Rider a white power prison and street gang.

Paperwork/Jacket- Term used for court paperwork or rap sheet that shows your criminal history.

Peckerwood- A group inside the racist movement.

Prospect/Probate-A term used for someone who wants to be a skinhead but still needs to prove him.  

Pruno- A prison wine or Mead (aka Viking wine). Made from fruit, suger and ketchup.                                                                         

Put In Check/Schooling/Rough Justice- When older Skinheads attack younger Skinheads to teach them a lesson.                                                                      

Race Traitor- A white person who associates with non-whites, minorities, and Jews.                                      

RAHOWA- Acronym for Racial Holy War. 

Shank- A makeshift knife made from scrap metal or other hard metals or plastics.

SHARP-Stands for Skinhead Against Racial Prejudice.

Shot Caller- A term used for the person in charge.

SHU- Short for Special Housing Unit.

Skin- A shortened term for a skinhead.

Skinbyrd- A term for a skinhead girl.

Skinhead- A group inside the racist movement.

Snitch/ Rat- A person the works with Law Enforcement a give information about gang activity.

Stickered/Leafleting- Skinhead Recruitment.

Straight Laces/Laddered- A way Skinhead lace their boot in a horizontal pattern to create a straight lines rather that the standard X or cross pattern.

SWP- Supreme White Power

Tap Out/Drop Out- A term for those who leave or drop out of a set or gang.

Taxing- Taking property from individual or an amount of money made from illegal activities.

To the Bone- A term used to show how down a person was for the cause.

Toad- A term skinhead use for Blacks.     

Trad- Short for Traditional Skinheads        

Teutonic- A term use by racist to refer to the white race.

Two-Tone/Trojans- A term skinhead use for Sharps.

Tweaked- High on crystal meth.

Tweaker- someone that uses crystal methamphetamine.

Quack- A fool or someone who can be fooled.

Wigger-A term used by racist to describe White people who are acting Black in their eyes (White Nigger).      

Wood- Short for Peckerwood

WP- White Power or White Pride.                           

ZOG-A term used by racist in reference to the United States Government. 


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