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Vinlander Social Club
Vinlanders Social Club (VSC or Vinlanders) originated in Knightstown, Indiana.

The Vinlanders started off as a loose association of members of different racist skinhead groups from Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. Member form other skinhead gangs including the Hoosier State Skinheads and the Ohio State Skinheads.

Knightstown, Indiana remains the headquarters of the group.

Lead by Brien James.

As the group began to expand, with core Vinlanders visiting other racist skinhead groups around the country looking for potential recruits.The Vinlanders Social Club became a mixture of hardcore skinhead and neo-Nazi's whose members are active primarily in some 20 states. Indiana still has the highest concentration of membership in the Midwest. In a short period of time, the Vinlanders have grown to have well over a hundred members, including prospects, and associates.

Many of the members have criminal records and have also developed rivalries with a variety of other white supremacist groups, such as Hammerskin Nation. Volksfront and some Klan groups.
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