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Founded by Four inmates in the Oregon state prison system in 1994, Volksfront was then brought onto the streets by Randal Lee Krager. Randal Lee Krager then set up Volksfront headquarters in Portland, Oregon. Krager was serving a 36-month sentence for attacking and permanently disabling an African-American.

Volksfront runs an Internet site and hosts an online radio program. These are just some of the tools used to recruit new members.

Volksfront members have been arrested for everything from assaults to murder.

Volksfront was spread to more than a dozen states, went International and has started a group for the women of patched members called Folkish Women’s Front as a supportive branch for the men of Volksfront. 

Volksfront motto is “Race Over All” or “Volk Uber Alles in German or as they like to say ROA.

Volksfront is the 3rd largest skinhead group in the United States behind Hammerskin Nation and Vinlanders Social Club. 

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